1) What exactly is the Power Lead System Product?

The Power Lead System is an all-in-one marketing system platform including a vast array of features. It’s powered by Priceless Possibilities who has been creating custom marketing systems for nearly two decades. The Power Lead System provides entrepreneurs with all the tools necessary to grow their business and make more sales, as they promote the business of their choice. (Create unlimited lead capture pages, unlimited sales pages, unlimited sub-domains, video post cards, entire sales funnels, unlimited auto-responder campaigns, unlimited broadcasts to your list, ad tracking, floating capture forms, the ability to create and share entire sales funnels, and so much more).

2) What do I do first and how do I get started?
This obviously depends on what your goals are.  If your goal is to start advertising the Power Lead System immediately without learning anything about your system, then log in and click the green ‘Easy button.  There you will find your referral links below the video.  All you need to do is advertise your referral link.  In order to start doing this effectively, watch the entire ‘Getting Started Video’.  Further down that same page, near the bottom, watch the video called “How do I market my link”. Also… log into the training area and click on the ‘training’ tab.  There you will find great training on getting traffic. Also in the training area, click on the ‘Marketing’ tab.  This section is a great resource of paid traffic vendors.


If your immediate goal is to learn how to use your system, log into the training area and watch the videos (at your own pace) in the ‘Daily Tip’ section.

3) What is Lead Lightning?

Lead Lightning is a high-tech (but simple to use) $7 marketing system created by the Power Lead System.  Taking nealy an entire year to create and program, Lead Lighting is an amazing sales funnel with hundreds of working parts. Lead Lightning customers are given a lead capture page, sales page, a professionally written email campaign, a contact management system, the ability to create exposure to any business of their choice, and a training area packed with marketing training and quality traffic sources.  As a Power Lead System customer or affiliate, you are given the ability to sell Lead Lighting for just $7 and make $6.00 commissions. Setting up and promoting your Lead Lightning funnel(s) will help you build your list, create exposure and sales to any business you are promoting, create buyer leads which are showcased in your back office, create PLS Gold level sales and higher (via upgrades), all while making $6.00 commissions. We provide you with pre-done funnels that will present and sell Lead Lightning for you which means all you have to do is advertise your links.  The cost of Lead Lightning is only $7 one time. Click Here for a brief overview of Lead Lightning.

4) Does Lead Lightning come with the Power Lead System?

Yes!  The Power Lead System has created several Lead Lightning sales funnels that are 100% complete and ready to go.  There is nothing that a Lead Lightning member has, that can’t be found within the Power Lead System.

5) Where do I find these Lead Lightning funnels and how do I set them up?
Two of them can be found on the ‘Getting Started’ page.  (log in and click the green ‘Easy’ button). These are already connected and ready to go… simply advertise ‘Referral Link A or B’.  The remaining ones can be found by clicking on ‘Websites’. Click on ‘Websites’, then scroll down a little ways until you see a drop down menu containing a list of all your domains and subdoamins.  Select the domain or subdoamin who wish to attach your Lead Lightning lead capture page to.  Right below that drop down menu is ANOTHER drop down menu.  Be sure that one is set to “become a prospect for whatever I want”. Then, scroll down to the section labeled ‘Lead Lightning Lead Capture Pages’. Make your choice by clicking inside the appropiate radio button, then scroll all the way down the page and click on ‘Save My Choice’.  On this page, find and select either ‘Lead Lightning Sales Page #1’ OR ‘Lead Lightning Sales Page #2’ (either one is fine).  On the final page of the set up, the auto-responder campaign should already be defaulted to a campaign named ‘Lead Lightning Optins (Lead Lightning Only)’.  Leave this ‘as is’ IF you are not promoting an outside website.  IF you ARE promoting an outside website, CHANGE this email campaign to the one right above it – called ‘Lead Lightning Optins (Lead Lightning & Primary). Once you made your choice between these 2 email campaigns, click ‘Save’. Click Here to see a demonstration of the Lead Lighting funnels being set up. (Fast Forward to 5:00 minutes)



6) Does the Lead Lightning back office look different than the Power Lead System back office?

Yes, Lead Lighting is a completely different back office than the Power Lead System with far less features.

7) What does the Power Lead System offer me that Lead Lightning does not?

There’s really no comparison… The Power Lead System allows you to create stunning lead capture pages, including full motion video backgrounds.  Create amazing sales pages, your own email campaigns, the ability to create & share entire sales funnels with other members or distributor bases.  Create unlimited subdomains, promote unlimited businesses simultaneously, broadcast your list, create ecards, floating capture forms, video postcards,  ad tracking, and so much more.  None of these features are available with Lead Lightning. Finally, as a Power Lead System affiliate (Gold member), you’re eligible for exponential $20.00 residual commissions and 50% matching bonuses on Gold level sales. (Lead Lightning members are only eligible for $6.00 commissions).