1st.  You’ll need a like page. Click Here if you don’t have a Facebook Like Page and need to create one.

Example of Facebook Fan/Like page:
Facebook Like Page Example

2nd.  Post the link you want the user to go to when you do it will bring up an image, same time it will give you an option to upload an image. Add your image, same time you can also change the title and the description by click on it, then post it.

facebook auto load post image example

3rd.  Click on the Date/Time from that post, that will take you to a new page with that post only. Now on the top, you will see that it has its own link, It will be a long link that you need a copy.

Your post should look something like this below:
Facebook Image Post

Facebook Image Post Link

4th.  Now you can take that link and go to any Facebook groups, Your Pages, or Message and after you paste it and then post! You’ll see that after you post that link, it will show up the image you added on your like page. The user won’t know what you did nor that they will go to your like page when they click on the image, it will take them to the link you used on the like page

Note:  Soon as you post the link it will show an image, then you can also remove that link from your post but the image will stay and you can add your own text and link to make the post look even better.