Our Web Services

DreamStyler has been building web application since 1998 and our programs are consistently rated the best in their class. With support from a dedicated user community, we’ve managed to expand our product base, allowing you to provide a truly integrated experience to your visitor.

Basic Website

Responsive Design
  • Custom Design
  • Up to 5 Pages
  • Up to 5 Images Editing
  • Standard Contact Form
  • Responsive Design Layout

Capture Page

Custom Funnel Page
  • Custom Capture Page
  • 1 Page Funnel System
  • Auto follow up emails setup
  • Get 50% off when use our Marketing System

Funnel System

Custom Funnel System
  • Custom Funnel System
  • Up to 3 Page Funnel
  • Auto follow up emails setup
  • Requirement: PLS Contact Management System
  • Note: You have to provide all the content.

Custom Graphic Design

Please see the packages below for some standard design. If you need something totally custom, then please contact us for more info.

Logo Design

Custom Logo Design
  • Custom Logo Design
  • Up to 3 Design
  • Unlimited Color Changes
  • Any File Type Form

Graphic Design

Custom Graphic Design
  • Custom Graphic Design
  • Any File Type Form

Banner Design

Custom Banner Design
  • 1 Custom Banner Design
  • JPG or PNG
  • Any Size

GIF Banner Design

Custom Animated Banner
  • 1 Custom GIF Banner
  • GIF Animated File
  • Any Size